PHP weight flipper 0.1

By Anders Kullmann Klok "TempleTiger"
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The processed file is returned as a download, make sure a download manager is not trying to 'help out' this will only cause an invalid file.

Do not overwrite original files, check model in AM and resave before continueing work.

This version only accepts .mdl files. CP's should be perfectly aligned, snap to mirrored CP's is recommended before use (non-mirrored CP's is mostly ignored). Due some sluggish programming it is not recommended to have any assigned CP's on the side that which is being mirrored to (eg. if the original side is the Right side, leave all of the CP's in the Left side unassigned). Both CP assignments and weigths are mirrored. Not all hooks are mirrored correctly but this seems more like a visual problem in bones mode, then a practical problem.

...and let's all just wish for this as a feature in the next version of Animation:Master :)

Download Weightflipper for your own server.